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RV Detailing Services Fort Myers

With over 10 years of experience, The Car People is trusted all over Fort Myers and beyond to bring you fabulous recreational vehicle (RV) detailing.

Terrific RV Detailing Services

Beyond window tinting, paint correction, and ceramic coatings, at The Car People, we also specialize in terrific RV detailing service. 

With over a decade of experience, we'll provide you with the best RV upkeep in the area and give you cast-iron protection from the weather and other damaging factors.

If you want your RV to be as lustrous as the day you bought it, call us today – we travel throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples.

The best RV upkeep in the area

RV Detailing Services Fort Myers
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A Thorough Process

At The Car People, we pride ourselves on providing services that exceed all expectations. As professional detailers, we will first thoroughly wash your RV to remove dirt, grime, and other debris. Next, we will polish and coat your RV's surface to remove any oxidation and protect it from future damage.

Finally, for the interiors, we vacuum, clean, and condition all surfaces, such as seats, dashboards, and carpeting, to leave them in pristine condition. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Leaving your RV in pristine condition

RV Detailing Services Cape Coral